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Moving Out Sale- Up to 70% off pet supplies


Hello Paw Parents!   TheOnePet Moving Out Sale @ 65 Ubi Road 1, Oxley Bizhub 1 #01-64 S408729. Warehouse open from 3pm to 8pm. Mon- Friday. Saturday and Sunday available upon request. DO give us a call at 81747483…

Roots Gen Herbal Pet Shampoo (coming soon on 3rd October 2017)

Cat, Dog

The One Pet Singapore is proud to be one of the partners for the launch of Root’s New and Improved Formula: Gen Herbal Shampoos. GEN Herbal Shampoo is an improved formula of the existing Roots Shampoo, with the addition…

What are Lab Blocks

Small Pets

The term “Lab Block” usually refers to the diet given to laboratory animals where the composition of the blocks is tailored to the type of animal you’re feeding.  The appearance of lab blocks is very much identical. They are usually cylindrical…

Introduction to Genetics

Small Pets

Introduction to Genetics Genetics – Back to the basic! No two individuals have the exact same DNA and the reason for this is variation. Genetics explains why hamsters are very different from other species. For most mammals, genes…

Agouti Colour

Small Pets

Agouti colours are Syrian hamsters with the  colour and markings of a wild type. They include cheek flashes and ivory crescents. They may have a base colour with ticking on the top of the fur. Below is an illustration to…