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  • Revolution – Kitten and Cats

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    • Comes in a box of 3 applications
    • For use against adult fleas, flea eggs, heartworm, ear mites, sarcoptic mites, and American dog tick
    • Kills adult fleas and prevents flea eggs from hatching for one month
    • Controls flea infestations
    • Prevention of heartworm disease
    • Treatment and control of ear mite infestations
    • Treatment and control of sarcoptic mange
    • Control of tick  infestations


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  • Roots All Natural Flax Oil

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    Flax seed oil is nature’s richest vegetable source of Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs). Omega-3 and Omega-6 in the right proportions.

    Roots Flax Oil has a higher concentration of Omega-3 fatty acids and a relatively low, but important concentration of Omega-6 fatty acids.

    The advantage of Roots Flax Oil supplement is that it can be added to your pet’s food for overall health and for the treatment of illnesses without the use of drugs.


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  • Roots Dead Sea Mud

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    Dead Sea Salts are a mixture of minerals and inorganic substances found in the Dead Sea. The main elements in the salt extracted from the sea are magnesium, bromine, sodium, potassium, chlorine, calcium, and in much smaller quantities, strontium, iodine, lithium, sulfates and others. In the body, the main function of minerals relates to cell metabolism, although they are also responsible for stabilizing the moisture content of the skin. The molecular structure of the minerals allows them to penetrate the skin and nourish its cells. The minerals use a process of osmosis to draw moisture, which is essential for proper metabolism, from inner layers of skin to the external layers, the epidermis.


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  • Roots Herbal Ear Drops & Cleanser

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    Our herbal ear drops and cleanser is a herbal ear cleaning oil blend made with botanical infusions, cold pressed vegetable oils and essential oils.

    It contains mainly Jojoba oil, virgin Coconut oil, Peppermint and a proprietary herbal blend. Jojoba oil is used a room temperatures as an ear wax softener, an exceptional moisturizer. Virgin Coconut oil is excellent as a skin moisturizer and softener, reduces inflammation, and supports tissue healing and repair. Both oils applied topically and together with other oils and herbs help to form a physical barrier on the skin to ward off infection.

    Peppermint has antiseptic and decongestant qualities that can help relieve the pain of ear inflammation.


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  • Solid Gold – Berry Balance™ Nutritional Supplement for Dogs & Cats 3.5oz

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    Berry Balance is a nutritional supplement for cats and dogs to help promote a healthy urinary pH. It contains cranberries and blueberries that can help prevent adhesion of bacteria to the bladder and urinary tract wall. Berry Balance should only be used if the urine pH is too alkaline. It is important to use Solid Gold’s pH strips to closely monitor the pet’s urine pH while using Berry Balance.

    • Helps Acidify Urine
    • Can Help Prevent Adhesion of Bacteria to Bladder and Urinary Tract Walls
    • Use with pH Strips


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  • Solid Gold – Flax Seed Oil Nutritional Supplement for Dogs & Cats

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    Flax Seed Oil is an excellent source of Omega-6 & -3 essential fatty acids, which help support the immune system, as well as skin and coat health. It contains a natural rosemary-based antioxidant, and is cold-pressed and hexane-free.

    • Rosemary-Based Antioxidant
    • Great Source of Omega-6 & -3 Fatty Acids
    • Cold-Pressed and Hexane-Free


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