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Rodipet EasyClean TERRA Ceramic House 16cm

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  • removable roof
  • inspired by Nature: round bedchamber
  • made from quality ceramic
  • easy to clean
  • compatible with all EasyClean TERRA system components

Cool clay house for hamsters and other small rodents

House with a removable roof. Our Rodipet® EasyClean Ceramic House for pet rodents is made from durable quality ceramic. It was designed on the model of Mother Nature. Observations made during Rodenti® Expeditions in 2007, 2009 and 2010 to the northern Syrian agricultural steppe were essential in developing this species-appropriate high quality product.

Rodipet® EasyClean Burrow setup

When combined with a Ceramic Tube and a second Ceramic House or Burrow(not included)species-appropriate burrows can be created: in those, our pet rodents can live in a subterranean burrow made up of several tunnels and chambers, similar to what they would themselves dig in the wild. Many pets enjoy using those multiple chambers to create separate sleeping and storage rooms. If the tube is buried in a thick layer of bedding with the side entrance facing sideways, your pet can even use the EasyClean Ceramic Burrow system as the beginning of their very own home-dug bedding burrow!

The animation shows the EasyClean House in combination with an EasyClean Tube and an EasyClean Burrow. This arrangement is particularly suitable in groups of pets (e.g. mice), as there are two ways out if an argument occurs.

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