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Rodipet +GRANIT Drink Set

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Rodipet® +GRANiT DRiNK Set

  • sturdy bottle holder
  • water bottle included
  • ceramic bowl included
  • bottle holder can be turned to face any direction
  • made from birch wood and granite

With the solid granite base, this drink station provides a secure stand for bowl and bottle (included). The ceramic bowl is set into a hollow about 5 mm below the surface of the base, preventing it slipping. The design of the bottle stand ensures that it, too, is safe from being tipped over once it is slipped into the base from below, ans still you can turn it to make the bottle face any direction that suits your setup. And you can even lift the entire station by the bottle stand.


Base measurements: 16 x 22 cm (ca. 6.3 x 8.7 in)
 Height: 22 cm (ca. 8.7 in)

Suitable for:

dwarf hamsters, steppe lemmings, fancy mice, gerbils and many others

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